April 9, 2006

HDR Wedding
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Four years ago today a wedding was planned, invitations were sent, RSVP’s & gifts had come in. But at the beginning of March, after ignoring all of the prompting from God along the way an event happened that derailed the wedding – the bride and groom were separated by bad paperwork.

The bride was in the country on a work visa and met the groom when they worked together. After two years they’d gotten engaged despite everyone’s advice, and one weekend in March 2006, a month before the wedding the bride ignored the grooms pleading and crossed the border into Mexico. When ready to come back to the U.S. and her fiancé God stopped her. At the border questions were raised about the paper work of the bride and her friends and everyone lost their access to come back to the U.S.

The groom and bride were devastated. What were they to do with all of the plans in place, only a few short weeks from being man & wife?

The grooms family had it just as hard as the groom. He’d lied to them about what was happening with the bride. He wouldn’t let them help and despite their dislike of the pairing, they would have been there. Watching the groom fall apart was hard. Together the groom and his family canceled the wedding, returned gifts, and hung the wedding clothes far back in the closet. It was apparent that the bride would not be back into the country for a long time.

Once they were apart the waiting game began, new visas were applied for and more about the bride became revealed. With months and miles between them the groom started to come out of his haze and began to see the bride and the world again. The bride lied about her name & her age. The groom became upset that she never listened to him. The bride tried to control the groom from a country away and slowly felt her influence lessening.

Finally in July, when the groom and the bride should have been a Mr. & a Mrs. for three months, the groom told the bride goodbye.

That brings us to today, a Friday like any other. Four years have passed, all but one gift were returned (a lesson in leaving a return address) and the teal bridesmaid dresses have long since been recycled. Today a man and his family sigh a deep sigh, and wait to see if he will ever be a groom again.