May 20, 2010

B-Tank & Blue Sky
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I’m having flashbacks to being a page at Paramount.

There was one audience show, that was in an old, giant stage on the RKO side of the lot. Needless to say in a stage that big, the AC was either off or on full blast – with all the lights and bodies in the stage there was really no in between.

As a page I would arrive just before seven in the morning to a beautifully quiet lot, and after taking all of that in march into the stage to be met with a freezing blast of air – one that I would be in for about six hours. The pages started wearing gloves, scarves, and thermals to survive as our job more than anything was to stand in one place and corral the audience, so we didn’t really have a chance to work up some body heat.

My office feels like that right now, only without the excuse of being ancient and huge. And I don’t have a long sleeve button down, tie and wool blazer to assist me.

Sometimes I miss being a page.