January 15, 2008

So I realized last night that I forgot to tell people that Pizza Delivery made it into a short film festival. I forgot to tell people because I was making End and because I didn't think much of the festival that it got into, it wasn't even a traditional festival with traditional screenings. So I brushed it off an forgot about it. Until last night.

Last night I got an e-mail from IMDB because I get to set up a page for Pizza Delivery.

My little brother entered my room when I was reading said e-mail and asked how that happens on IMDB and I told him that the short got into a fest and he made me high five him. Then my mother heard and she and my dad congratulated me for getting into a festival. They were all abuzz with questions.

They just reminded me how good it feels when something like that happens. I need to take any and all blessings that have been handed to me and be glad because even though I am still starting out in my career I could have it a lot worse and I could have people around me that didn't care about what I was doing.