January 27, 2009

I was laid off from my job today.

I am now amongst the unemployed again. This upsets me for two reasons; the first that it's less than a week from my birthday and at this time last year I was job hunting, and the second is that I am still working on End.

I am okay because I know that I do not want to be doing these jobs my entire life, it's not like my career goal was to be a customer care/administrative assistant my entire life. I am a director that is forced to do those things because I am not at the status in my career where I am being paid to direct.

My first thoughts when I was called by the head of HR was "how am I going to finish post-production if I have to work on the weekends?" I seriously anticipated being forced back into retail.

So what I am going to do now is figure out all this unemployment stuff, start to look for a day job again and use any and all time I can to get everything I possible can done for End. While I will need a pay check, I really do need to get my real career kicked into high gear.

What I will not do is devolve into a pity party, recite the littany of things Money Mailer should do instead of this, or any other form of negativity. That job was not a part of me, it was merely a place the helped me get my movie made and it served its purpose. Now God is having me move on.

God is in control. That is the one thing keeping me from falling apart. God is in control of this, it is all in His plan and He gave me End.