February 22, 2009

February has been a dramatic month for me. I am still job hunting, working on End but yesterday was a pretty good day for me.

Yesterday, we achieved and almost picture lock on End. It’s happened a lot sooner than I thought it would, but as Bill and I were going over and fine tuning the cut yesterday we realized that we are both really happy with the cut of the film. So next weekend I am dragging Christopher (the writer & my fellow EP) into the editing room to see it and as long as nothing suddenly strikes us as utterly bad I will be making the decision to have a picture lock on the film. Exciting stuff. It means that I will be moving on to sound and music.

When I came home I watched the Independent Spirit Awards. I am beginning to love this show more and more every year. What I found so strange was that during many of the speeches this year I kept tearing up. All of these actors and filmmakers are in the business because they have a driving passion for movies and it’s all they can talk about in their speeches. When the winner of the John Cassavetes award started talking about how he lived homeless for nine months while making In Search of a Midnight Kiss…what can I say, I am a laid of director in post production – I felt his story.

Now tonight is the superbowl of my year – the Oscars – and I am very glad to be watching.