April 20, 2009

Summer says a lot of different things to people - heat, sand, water, waves, tanning, bugs, BBQ, and even swimming pools.

To me it has always said movies.

It's not that I live for buckets of popcorn, testosterone & explosions, but that summer movie season is the time that it's okay to go to the movies for everyone. People wait in lines, anticipate what's coming out next week and excitedly hope it will be everything it promises to be. In short, everyone becomes someone like me for a brief few months.

This summer also means an end to post production on my film. I am going to have my very first feature film completely under my belt.

But right now it's in the 90's at 9:30 at night and it's in the middle of April...so I guess I need to stop fantisizing about summer and get back to work.

Thus concludes my essay on what summer means to me.