June 26, 2009

I have to say that one of the most amusing things about my day job is that a few key people know that I have made a movie outside of my department and are fascinated by it. One patron of the arts in particular is the IT manager, we’ll call him Doug.

Doug is estatic I have made a movie and wants to ask me constantly about movies I like, why I like them, etc. Now that Doug knows my film is done he loves to ask me questions about being a director. Today he decided to pick my brain about my artistic process and how I make decisions about my shots, working with my actors, etc. It’s always fun too because he’s afraid of people overhearing us and figuring that I don’t want to be too long at this company so the instant someone from outside my department walks by he gets real quiet or starts talking about something else.

Personally, I kind of love this. It’s like I already have a groupie, and I’m getting interviewed.

It’s nice to have a fan.