June 30 2009

A few days ago Christopher & I took a day trip to San Diego. I love San Diego, I think down town is beautiful, inspiring and the kind of place that gives me a relaxed creqtive vibe I can thrive off of. I wouldn't mind living in downtown someday.

The thing that struck me this time though is how much Comic Con is entertwined in my feelings about that city and can give me an electric charge even when it's not there. I walk down a side street and I see the corner where a Storm Trooper was riding a motorcycle. I see people of all kinds spilling out the doors of the convention center and onto the street. I see the shocked bar patrons as a group of Dr. Who fans congregate to eat and flout the establishments dress code.

There is nothing like Con. For someone like me who doesn't get to be around a vast amount of people who understand my creative influences Con is a breath of fresh air in a world that thinks I'm a movie snob. There they just accept that I've seen even more films than they have

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Rolfe Bautista said...

Hi I love your blog :D I find it very interesting and I cant wait to see much more :D