July 14, 2009

Theatre Seats
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On Friday the 10th we screened END for cast, crew and friends. It was pretty darn amazing. I was a ball of nerves the whole time; I didn’t think I’d manage to sit through the entire film but I did sit through most of it – just in the back unable to look at the screen most of the time.

The single coolest moment was when it struck me that there were almost 100 people in the Cal State Fullerton theatre, sitting in the dark, watching my movie. Everything I’ve worked towards since I graduated film school was aligned at that point and I was somewhere between elation and crying. It was an amazing moment and I really hope that I can experience it again before too long.

I know that you expect people who know you to tell you they love what you did even if they didn’t but every single person that talked to me after the screening raved about the movie, and they all said something different; I’d think they just made them up to make me feel better but the kind of things they were pulling out, commenting on, saying that moved them – you can’t make all of that up on the fly. Plus there’s the fact that I have several people (including my Dad) that want to keep talking about my movie.

That makes me really damn hopeful. I want to do two things: get my film in to festivals and get a paid directing gig; I want to me able to get into what I want to be doing with my life.

Friday was a great day, but it has officially robbed me of any and all ambition to be at the day job. I just can’t sit in my chair any more and pretend that I care about direct mail ads and making sure they make it to the printer on time. Let’s face it – does anyone really need a coupon for mystic tanning, zoom whitening or a pedicure? I just can’t deal with my clients. I’m a director and I don’t care whose client needs their restaurant ad back in two hours because they forgot to send it to us on time. It’s bad this week. Mentally at least.

In a few weeks I should start hearing, or not hearing from festivals. I am really praying that God puts me in a position to get the film and my people recognized.