August 27, 2009

I found out I am close to getting into a really cool festival…close but not in. This prospect is driving me nuts. I want to be able to celebrate and plan and figure out how I am going to manage to be at the festival – but I can’t because we won’t get the official word I’m in or not until Labor Day.

I feel like I’m walking the yellow brick road only I don’t know where it leads. I never expected to get into every festival, in fact I know my movie is so unusual that a lot of festivals won’t want it, but I need a win.

I need a festival to swoop in and endorse my film – endorse me. I need to be legitimized as a director. All I feel like right now is a customer service rep who happens to know a lot about art and knows way too much about movies. I can’t hide the fact that I need to move away from this and be an artist, a director.

If I made it into an important film festival and could actually start moving my film career forward it would be a blessing for me in every way. For the first time in my life I would feel like I was not just moving forward artistically but moving my career forward and you have no idea how cool and rewarding that would feel.

No matter what I will continue following this yellow brick road wherever it leads – and I’ll do it in very cute shoes.