September 26 2009

I'm not normally all that groovy looking on the weekend but I got in the mood this weekend & totally decided to do my makeup, hair & dress cute to go shopping. Sturck out on shoe shopping though.

Fantastic Fest is going on right now & I am having trouble rwading the coverage because I so want END to get into festivals. It's upsetting to see big films with distribution get into fewtw & get exposure when little films like mine that desprately need the coverage, press & exposure can't get in because we can't compete with a polished, expensive film.

Christopher & I need to figure out how to get or film even a small amount of notice. We are going to need help making our next feature & we can't do much unless people start to discover the products we produce.

I have faith God will do something, I just don't know what that something is.

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Unknown said...

hey, what exactly is your film about?


Megan said...

Well, it's a zombie movie...but there aren't actually any zombies in it. It's about a group of survivors trying to live and make sense of what they can to continue living.

It actually has it's own blog - endmovie.blogspot.com