March 14, 2009 - II

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So I have a confession to make. I have been stalking Jon Favreau on Twitter. I couldn’t figure out why until this afternoon.

I guess it all falls back on the exact reason I became so obsessed with Iron Mansince May; where Jon Favreau is in his career right now is where I desperately hope to be with my directing career in not too many years. He’s flying high on Iron Man fame and a string of good films before that & he’s been twittering about pre-production and being at SXSW as well. It’s where I want to be – you know – just with my movies.

The thing is my desire to direct is the passion of my life; I want to be on set, working with actors and crew, doing press for my movies, and everything else that comes along with it. I cannot wait to send End to film festivals, and I can only hope the ones that we get into that I will get to see people be excited about my movie, I want to be on a panel with people asking questions about my film, excited to see what is going to come from me next. I desperately hope that God has all of that in store for me.

Having such a passion and drive for what I want to do is essential because I can’t push as hard as I need to if I don’t have the desire but it makes working at a day job really hard. It’s even stranger that I am going back to work at the company that laid me off. I thought that chapter of my life was closed but apparently it’s not; I can’t be bitter about it though. This company gave me the emotional and monetary capability to make my movie, to push forward so I won’t be bitter about that.

It’s still a new chapter in my life. Maybe God has something new in store for me here. I don’t think that I will be immediately at Jon Favreau status, but maybe I can at least get him to follow me on Twitter.