March 16, 2009

So I am a member of the work force again. It was strange being back at the same old job, but have had things around me change. They’ve gone paperless, one of the ladies from IT who was laid off was brought back with me and she’s now another art coordinator, and I’m not back on the phones yet (thank God for small blessings).

The sad part is the whole time I was at work the only place I wanted to be was working on a movie.

While I was laid off I really did live for my movie on a day to day basis. I was watching a ton of movie for inspiration, I was working on post at any time of day – it was fabulous – the only bad part was not getting paid for it. I think it’s going to make working at the day job even harder, but I am hoping that it gives me more motivation.

Yesterday I went to Disneyland and among the many things I did on my last day as an unemployed woman was to buy a caramel apple. Disney makes really good ones. I decided to have it as desert after work; so I spent my night watching really good TV while eating my apple.

Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully it’s one day closer to being paid for directing.