March 4, 2009

I so need a post-production coordinator right now, but it's simply not in the cards because of the size and budget of End. We've entered the stage of post production where there are lots of people involved and lots of balls in the air, and with the job hunt and unending comedy of errors that is the department of unemployment it's more than a bit stressful. I've had to ask Christopher to step in and help out. It makes me feel a bit overwhelmed as a director, but in reality I am doing much more than most director's do right now.

I am watching Terminator 3 right now, and I must say that while I am greatly excited about Terminator Salvation I really need to pretend that T3 doesn't exist. I think that Christian Bale is going to make a phenominal John Connor, I am actually excited to see what McG can do.

Back to topic. The job hunt is really not happening right now, no one is calling me for interviews or even really acknowledging that I've been applying for jobs. I've been praying and trying to figure out what to do. In an effort to have some kind of task to do I opened my own etsy shop at mrbosslady.etsy.com; it's not very far along yet, but I thought I would give it a shot. It's keeping me amused to say the least. Now I just need a real job...