March 24, 2009

Well, life is mostly resuming as it was before I was laid off. I suppose that is a good thing.

Work still sucks, but there seems to be some things in place that may help it get better - good thing too. That's not to say that I don't sit at work everyday wishing that I was actually on set or somehow working on my movie; I do sit at work and wish that, I'm just wishing that while I do the three million little tasks that keep popping up.

I have officially booked Comic-Con for this year. Lucky thing too - you'll see in the image with this post that the four day passes are sold out - I literally bought my four day pass the day before they sold out. That was a good break. I bought it before my first paycheck because I didn't want to risk it. Last Thursday I booked our hotel too. I am not thrilled that we are staying in hotel circle instead of downtown, but I will survive. I'll think up a new plan for next year (you know besides being on the road to being a recognized filmmaker and getting an official Con hotel room because I am just that cool).

I am still wrangling through headshots that Regan took for End cast and crew members to pick the ones that the cast & crew get to choose from, this is actually harder than it seems. I am also preparing for a spotting session with the composer Christy. I basically know where I want all the music to go, but I need to rewatch End with that in mind. I just really don't want to get tired of watching the movie, I am trying to stay fresh.

All in all stuff would be pretty good right now if I weren't sick and unable to call in because my boss is on vacation. Ugh.