September 29, 2009

074 - 15.03.07
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I was a page at Paramount Pictures for about a year; along with giving tours and working on TV tapings we'd sometimes be pimped out as temps to other departments at Paramount. I only did one semi-long term temp gig and that was in the TV contracts division. Let me tell you, that somehow managed to be less exciting than it sounds - shocker, I know.

Durring my few weeks as part of the TV contracts department highlighters became my best friend. You see the job another page and I were assigned was to go over the TV schedules for all these backwoods markets, find the Paramount series they were running in syndication and verify the times we were told they were running versus the schedules they had on the web...and we'd highlight discrepancies & matches.

I've done a lot of mind numbing jobs in my time but this was one of the most draining tasks I've ever performed for eight hours a day.

I started thinking of this because my art department has brought on some temps for a few weeks. They're not even doign anything as exciting as lookign at TV schedules and callign station managers - they're entering coupons into a spreadsheet.

So glad that's not me.